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Why we do what we do!

At 4Mix International, we are firm believers in the mantra of unlocking the potential available in every animal for their primary products. Firstly, there is a need to define the potential referred to. Over the course of the thousands of years that man has domesticated animals, he has constantly selected (first passively and more recently, deliberately) for better genetics. Some examples include better temperament, mothering abilities, meat production, hardiness, milk production, wool production and many more. Modern animal genetics available and in use worldwide have been bettered and intensified over the course of the previous century, due to the need for increased yields to meet the ever growing demand for food security.

Thus, for every animal to meet the genetic potential contained within, other factors such as management, rearing conditions, animal health and nutritional status also need to be optimized. That is why our focus at 4Mix is to ensure the best possible health for the animal, and a key method of supplying this to the animal is through quality feed ingredients and additives. 70% of the immune system is driven by the health status of the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT), which highlights the importance of ensuring a healthy gut – whether it is in monogastrics or in ruminants.

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How we unlock potential


With the symbiotic working relationship we maintain with our consultants, veterinarians and external experts; we believe our technical team can impart the knowledge required to meet the potential in every one of your animals. Coupled with our sales consultants, who are the interface with our clients, we will be able to offer solutions to specific demands and requirements. We believe in offering the highest quality all-round service to meet our clients’ needs, and therein making the fundamental difference.

AU: How we unlock potential

Proven products

Our range of quality premixes is aimed at delivering the best possible advantage to the animal, by supplying the demands for vitamins and minerals needed for growth and production in adequate quantities. We additionally offer innovative feed additives that have been designed to unlock the potential in your animals, by ensuring reliable and quality performance. Speciality nursery feeds that have been born out of a respect for local South African conditions also form a part of the specific product range we have to offer the market.

Give your animals the biggest advantage with a healthy gut using our quality products, and unlock their production potential.

4Mix Management

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